Changed My Life
A song that I wrote for my wife, Valerie.
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January 28, 2011
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Michael Gremillion © 2003
Story behind the song
I wrote this song before we got married. I was sitting at home and just started playing the chords, sang out the first two lines, grabbed paper and pen and wrote the whole song. All except the second half of the second verse. I just couldn't come up with anything that I was happy with. So I just went with what I had come up with at the time. It stayed like that for 6-7yrs. And when my wife and I decided to get married I re-recorded this song without her knowing it and added the lyrics for the second half of the second verse you hear now. She didn't know this and when we did our dance at the wedding, I had the DJ play this song! We were both in tears!! This song means so much to us personally. We hope you enjoy it.
Never thought that you would do to me what you have done. How could I have known what you would do, to my life. First time I saw you in that yellow outfit, I just stared as you walked by. I never understood how we connect and that you'd Change my life Turned my world around Your smile brought sunshine to my soul Oh my love you completely changed my life. Then you touched my hand and released all my fears That I had of you not loving me the same way I loved you. And as I stand here with you in my arms And I gaze into your beautiful eyes I realize I'm the worlds luckiest man Because on this day You changed my life. Turned my world around. Your smile brought sunshine to my soul. Oh my love you completely changed my life. Oh my love you forever changed my life. Oh my love you will always be in my life. You are my world My life My love.