Given The World
Bluesy Rock
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January 28, 2011
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Michael Gremillion
Story behind the song
I dreamed one night of playing with Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker. And the chords I remembered playing with them turned into this song. The words came about as I learned more about myself and how what I did affected my relationships.
I was given the world in the palm of my hand. Sometimes I wonder, yes try to understand. Why I was never satisfied. Always wanting more. I didn't know what life was about or what I was living for. You were a gift to me but I didn't know And the way I lived my life I almost let you go. But you were always there waiting for me. Giving me all your love just so tenderly. Today things are better. I've stopped blaming you. I look at myself and I own what I do. Sometimes things are rough but I've learned that is life. I still make mistakes that's how I learn what's right. You are a gift to me and now I know. The way to live my life. I'll never let you go. And I will always be there. Waiting for you. Giving you all my love. Just so unconditionally.