Where are you now?
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A heartfelt, catchy, accoustic diatribe that anyone whose ever been in a bad relationship can relate to. THis song was recorded live.
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September 15, 2003
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Bill Price © 2003 Bitter Diatribe Music
Story behind the song
This song is about the confusion and mixed feelings that always come after a break-up. Its full of blame, self-loathing, heartbreak, and every other emotion you can think of...
Verse: You never listened to me you never heard a word I said Maybe I should hate you for this Maybe I should hate myself I remember you told me once not to let you down But you forgot about me Don’t let me down Pre-chorus: You’ve got me right where you want me And I can’t move at all Chorus: Where are you now? When I need you? Verse: You never loved me you never told me anything I want to hate you for this I want to hate you for this I want to love you for this I want to feel you again Bridge: Cause my heart breaks for you and my tears fall for you and my veins bleed for you cause I need you and I still miss you I still miss you I still miss you I still need you