Wherever I Go
Taking responsibility for one's actions and learning to live with the fallout.
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July 21, 2015
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Ricki E. Bellos © Ricki E. Bellos
WHEREVER I GO The smell of wasted time Like cheap table wine Comes from someplace dark I thought I’d left The emptiness I feared Has since reappeared Tired of feeling sorry for myself I can run and hide But I’m still me inside I take myself wherever I go I don’t like all I see But forgive and let it be I take myself wherever I go The taste of his cologne In my sleep I moan Something special slipped through my fingertips I wake up from the dream Sad yet now relieved I’ve forgotten the shape of his lips REPEAT CHORUS I can’t fight mistakes I’ve made I try again and again Remembering each with brand new pain Let them wash over me as night fades to day REPEAT CHORUS ©Ricki E. Bellos (BMI)