Stranded On This Island
Just an old fashioned love song
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June 23, 2015
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Ricki E. Bellos © Ricki E. Bellos
STRANDED ON THIS ISLAND I’m lost in this moment where time is a friend And what we have started won’t come to an end Where dark gives in to light And common sense takes flight Stranded on this island with you If you hold on to me I’ll hold on to you Keep dancing this dance till the meaning comes through And we both realize We’ve come too far for lies Stranded on this island of truth We’ve jumped in an ocean of potent emotions With eyes wide open, it’s so black and white There’s no room for doubt and no questions about What we’re doing, it feels just right I’m scared and desperately try not to show it I’ve been here before and don’t want you to know it You smile then I’m aware My heart is light as air Stranded on this island Stranded on this island Stranded on this island for two ©Ricki E. Bellos (BMI)