Night Song
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May 15, 2015
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Ricki E. Bellos & Mike LeBlanc © Ricki E. Bellos & Mike LeBlanc
Story behind the song
Mike LeBlanc was kind enough to let me put some music to his fun and imaginative lyrics.
Night Song ©Mike LeBlanc/Ricki E. Bellos The moon's on the rise as I open my eyes Ready for my day to begin Pour me some moonshine straight to a high time Watch how the stars and me blend A symphony of sound unseen all around I answer to their call With rhythm and rhyme I’m happily inclined To join in the night that falls So play to the night Sing to the stars Let love rain in my song Take to the heights Then later by far Gently I'll wake up the dawn Critters they gather I swear I hear laughter Coming from under a 'shroom But maybe I'm thinking whatever I'm drinking Invites my mind to bloom Whatever the case I'm so into this place And everything here agrees We dance and we sing as night holds back things That employ reality REPEAT CHORUS