For My Heart
Mike LeBlanc was kind enough to trust me with his wonderful lyrics and allow me to put music to them. Thanks Mike!
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April 28, 2015
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Ricki E. Bellos & Mike LeBlanc
FOR MY HEART ©Mike LeBlanc & Ricki E. Bellos My heart is frayed A little worn and torn By lovers who used it like a toy My heart was played Left out in the cold By lovers whose hearts were decoys It's only a little faded A new coat of love will make it shine Wash away what's been jaded A tender touch would feel so fine For my heart, for my heart My heart is strong Tested along the way By those who cheated my love away My heart belongs Right there side by side With a lover who won't let love decay REPEAT CHORUS A heart that’s true Would be a shame to waste Could it be you Come to save me REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS