From Over Here II
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April 26, 2015
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Ricki E. Bellos © Ricki E. Bellos
FROM OVER HERE The fire we built is still smoldering Not out yet but it’s growing cold You’re so close I can hear you breathe So far my touch can’t bring relief They told you healing would come with time Some days you’re still on the front lines So good at hiding behind that mask You need me but will never ask From over there you say it’s OK I’m helpless as you pull away It takes trust to cut through blood and dust I can feel your fear from over here Where you’ve been has left its mark on you Tell me what there is I can do I want to help you forgive yourself But that can’t come from anyone else REPEAT CHORUS Try to forget what you can’t control They never taught you how to let it go So what you did for war in the night You don’t know how to justify in the light REPEAT CHORUS I would rather hold you in my arms But I can still love you from over here ©Ricki E. Bellos (BMI)