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A totally acoustic gospel blues song about death and the final judgement of God.
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November 19, 2011
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Mike Vargas © Mike Vargas
EXPIRATION DATE BY MIKE VARGAS 04/2002 A man is appointed A short time to believe The one who came And died to set him free Then his eyes will see His majesty, seated on his throne The fate of every man is in his hand The final word is his alone Turn before it is too late You do not know your expiration date At an unknown day and hour You will appear before The ultimate power Do not be a fool Tomorrow is not promised you Rich men will stand before the Lord Without the wealth they love to horde Money means nothing at all To the one who makes The final call Those that live a lie Will stand before The master of The Earth and sky What will they say to The one that knows Their every way False shepherds before their God will stand They told half the truth Now there is sheep's blood On their hands Men who live for the Lord Will see their spirits soar They walked in his steps They kept his ways The grace of God Prepared them for Their judgement day