Holy is the Lord
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The inspiration for this song came from Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah the prophet's commissioning.
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June 06, 2008
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Dan Whittemore © ©1978 Dan Whittemore
Story behind the song
What does it take and what does it mean to be commissioned by God for ministry to His people or to the world that is His but refuses to listen or except the truth. Isaiah chapter 6 describes a vision that sent Isaiah the prophet on mission to his own people and through scripture to all of us.
In the year that king Uzziah died I saw the Lord on His throne high and exhalted. The train of robe filled the room While above and around Him seraph flow Calling....... Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty Holy, Holy the earth is full of His glory. At the sound of His voice The door post shook, I'm doomed I cried for I dare look Upon Him. Yes, I a man of unclean lips And eyes have seen the King, The Lord Almighty. Then one of the seraph flew toward me With a live coal from the altar And with it touched my lips and said Your guilt is gone, your sin atoned for.... Holy, O Lord God Holy, touch my lips And my mouth will praise You. Holy, O Lord God Holy, touch my lips The earth is full of Your glory Your glory, Your glory, Your glory. Holy is the Lord Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord,