He Shines With God's Glory
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This song was inspired by Hebrews chapter 1
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June 04, 2008
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Dan Whittemore © ©1978 Dan Whittemore
Story behind the song
Dan Whittemore ©1978 Lillenas Publishing Co. When I was asked to sing, no matter where it was, I wanted to present the gospel clearly. It was important to discribe who Jesus is accurately. I was not sure if my own words would be powerful enough so I would use scripture, even scripture that I didn't understand. I was moved by what it said and started writing. Sometimes the power of the passage didn't hit me until after the song was finished. Without Jesus we would not see the glory of God. Jesus shines with God's glory.
Long ago the Lord spoke In many different ways. Through visions, dreams and angels And even some face to face. But now He speaks to all the world Through the witness of just one, The one sitting at His right hand, Jesus His Son... Sit down beside Me in honor Until beneath Your feet I bring all those who appose You In shame to there defeat, And I will pour out more blessing On You then anyone, Your kingdom is for ever Jesus My Son. That's why He Shines with glory, The Son of God He, Shine out with glory, Yes He does He Shines out with God's glory Because He is God's Son, Don't you know He Died to clear us of our sin, He died but He rose again, He shines out with God's glory Because Heis God's Son. He shines out with God's glory Because He is God's Son. God never said to an angel From this day and now on, All my creation will worship You Because of what you've down, But blessed a name above all names For the victory He had won, Your Kingdom is forever, Jesus My Son..