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This is the story of Matha and Mary, pushing the envelope, a kaliedescope of sound, highly original.
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April 14, 2008
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Mike de Velta © Mike de Velta
Story behind the song
When this song came I felt deeply moved and honored to recieve it. This one is very special, we are blessed indeed.
Martha Oh Martha, oh Martha down upon your knees with a million plans how do you stand with a world you seek to please Have you scrubbed the tables? and have you scrubbed the floors? The man they call the Son of God is coming to your door Oh Mary oh Mary my sister don’t you see? There’s no time for listening to the one who sets you free Help me my dear sister Help me shed my load The man who comes is known by some as the light of the world And Jesus came and sat upon the floor and boldly told his tale of love and life And blessing with his words upon the dry and barren souls they are filled with light And Martha’s temper rises like the burnin’ of the sun How can Mary listen with much work to be done? And Martha screams in anger I can not work alone And the calm that once embraced them has become, has become a storm. Oh Martha oh Martha Jesus gently speaks Mary’s right to sit by me and listen while I preach There’ll be time for cleaning and there’ll be time for chores but how much time will you have with the one who saves your soul. Oh Jesus I am lost to a world that steals my sight Seems the more I try to do the more i seem to fight If I can still my soul for just a while here with you I know I’ll be free and I know I will see the truth. Copyright Mike de Velta 2008 Thanks guys