Blood of Summer
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An image-filled song about the connection of all things and all times.
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May 28, 2008
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words and music by Arthur Hinds © 2008 Arthur Hinds
The Blood Of Summer Lyrics by Arthur Hinds Steam rising from the standing stones Midsummer rains came and went. Children's bare feet on the rain soaked grass Speaks Mother Earth- eloquent The ploughman's chant is left behind May woven ribbons bleach in the sun The rime of winter lies well away Requiem for the barley- not yet begun Now is the cusp of robin and wren Now is the crux of women and men Now descant memories echo birth of the word The Blood of Summer's holding vernal rains The binding river flows through eternal veins The bubbling cauldron still is tended and stirred The blood of summer The blood of summer The blood of summer flows in us still. Steam rising from the paving stones Midsummer rains late to appear Children squeal in the sprinkler's spiral The tapestry sings the loom of years A crimson thread runs through the breath through me form my father to my son It pulls through shadow forward and back Through every leaf, every pulse, everyone Retrace your steps to the well worn flame reclaim the gift of the thrice born name Return to the rising tree and the shadow stair Behold the greenwood heart and mind Begin the dance of Hart and Hind Become the Brindled bull and the Milk white Mare The blood of summer The blood of summer The blood of summer flows in us still. copyright 2008 Arthur Hinds