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An acappella choral piece that closes an evening of music and fun
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May 28, 2008
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words and music by Arthur Hinds © 2008 ArthurHinds
Story behind the song
I wrote these lines at the end of a trip to Ireland as an ode to all those people who'd gone with us on the bus.
Sing Lyrics by Arthur Hinds Though we glory in words and in music An end we're bringing Though not to provoke, your patience testing Of you, kind folk, we are requesting Hold most precious these few ancient moments As they come springing From limits broken and liberties taken From right names spoken and words reawakened Keep found wisdom well banked in your heartbeat And go forth singing Of joy and honor, comfort and beauty Truth and laughter, reverence and duty Go and sing to the anxious haste of the world Sing copyright 2008 Arthur Hinds