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A soul searching ballad about a man regaining hope with help from someone who loves him
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July 18, 2009
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5:12 minutes
KC Vinck/Marco Cocchiaro © 2008
Everyday I had to struggle Just trying to find some happiness I had so many things to juggle There019s always something I would miss Just when I felt like I was falling Into a state of apathy I heard a voice inside me calling But only you could hear my plea Your hope026 has got me through the darkest night Your hope026 has given me the will to fight When everything is too demanding You give me love and understanding And hope026 that everything will turn out right I blame fear and trepidation For all the troubles in my life I wish there was an explanation For a world so full of strife When my despair combined with loneliness I didn019t think I would endure You were there to fill my emptiness And your love has been my cure Your hope026 can help me make it through the night Your hope026 has given me the will to fight When everything was going wrong here It was your love that made me strong dear And hope026 that everything will be alright When everything gets too demanding You help me cope by understanding That hope026 will be my guiding light Even through the darkest night Everything will be all right