Girl From Tennessee
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A upbeat song that describes thoughts of a girl he once new who was from Tennessee
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February 16, 2008
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KC Vinck/Marco Cocchiaro © 2005
sometimes this world makes me oh so hard and cold open arms she's standing with her heart of gold I'm looking forward to her calls when she's around nothing matters at all oh…this girl from tennessee oh ..this girl from tennessee she's not only something she is something else yeah she drives me crazy she can't help herself when loneliness hits real hard I feel her soul dancin' inside of my heart oh …this girl from tennesee oh …this girl from tennesee no one knows her feelings no one knows she's hurt inside doesn't know just what to do can't you see it in her eyes no one knows she's feeling (so sad) no one knows she's hurting (so bad) no she can't take another chance cause she knows her heart will break in two again oh…this girl from tennesee oh …this girl from tennesee don't you worry bout a thing.....momma, hunney woo-oo don't you worry bout a thing