**Pink Flamingos Women's BARITONE part
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Women's Barbershop BARITONE part all by itself. Other parts available on this site. Sheet Music from http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl?scoreid=118316
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January 26, 2008
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Rob K © 2002
Story behind the song
I was returning home when I saw a yard with a sign that said "Happy 25th Anniversary" with about 4 dozen plastic pink flamingos all around it. Got me started and eventually, this song came out. I went barbershop with it because of a friend that sings in a quartet.
Pink Flamingos I'm lying here in keen anticipation. This special day has just begun to dawn. I'm excited as a little kid at Christmas. Today's the day I get to find out what is going on. The days have gone so slowly by while waiting And wond'ring what it is you have in store. But now my curiosity has got the best of me. I'm getting up! I can't wait any more. Today is the day the day we were wed. Ifm all excited as I crawl out of bed You said you were planning a special surprise. I open the blinds and what a sight meets my eyes. Pink flamingos standing in the yard! Pink flamingos are my anniversary card! Pink flamingos! See them everywhere! Pink flamingos! Tell me you care! I walk out the door and on to the grass. They donft fly away as by them I pass. Itfs ecause theyfre only made of plastic, you see, But those pink flamingos look fantastic to me. Why do they stand just on one leg. Answer me please, donft make me beg. It is to gravity the answer we trace, eCause if they picked up two, theyfd fall down on their face. You were so clever, with birds of pink To say what never could be written with ink. A love like ours, dear, canft be spoken with words. Thatfs why Ifm so happy that you gave me the birds. Last Chorus Pink flamingos stand on the lawn! Pink flamingos, as our love goes on and on and on! Pink flamingos! See them everywhere! Pink flamingos! Tell me you care!