Our Humble Jesus - John Patrick Kennedy
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Original Christmas song of mine written for my Lord and Savior Jesus thinking Him for coming to this Earth so that one day he would take on the sins of all of us. I hope it touches your heart. http://johnpatrickkennedymusic.com/
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December 28, 2016
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John Patrick Kennedy © 2016
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John's website : http://johnpatrickkennedymusic.com/ Sharing the gospel through song to encourage, inspire, and reach a lost and dying world.
I grew up in church since I was a baby and was told that I could sing before I could even talk. I was destined to be a singer. I grew up in a little church called Pittsboro Baptist in Pittsboro, IN. There I would sing hymns out of hymnals as well as singing cantatas in the choir. Later, I joined choir in High School where I learned proper voice technique and how to sight read and sing tenor(harmonize). When I was 23 I taught myself how to play acoustic guitar and have been playing and singing ever since. As of now in this year of 2016 I started leading worship for Centenary United Methodist Church in Lebanon, IN. I previously was a worship leader at the Upper Room of Indianapolis, Inc. as well as Pittsboro Baptist out of Pittsboro, IN where I currently live and grew up at. For the last four years God has inspired me to write Christian songs of various genres to touch and inspire the lives of others.