Duetto della Nativit - David Solomons
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Duetto della Nativita (Christmas Duet) for clarinet and guitar by David Warin Solomons based on various European Christmas songs performed here by Konstantia Loibner and Petra Schwarzl ON YOUTUBE at https://youtu.be/ie6uNJSklJ0
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December 24, 2016
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David Solomons © 2016
Story behind the song
David Solomons website is at: http://www.dwsolo.com/ For those who might like to perform this work, it is here: http://www.productionsdoz.com/fr/duetto-della-nativita I have been composing since 1969, concentrating on lyrical tonal music - particularly chamber music and vocal music - and experimenting in various modes (particularly the Dorian and Octatonic). Some of my work is aimed at good amateur musicians (both instrumental and vocal) but other pieces are quite virtuoso, especially solo works for flute, saxophone and violin which have been written for specific professional musicians. http://www.productionsdoz.com/fr/duetto-della-nativita
One of the most impressive performances of my chamber music in recent times has been the Freilach for flute trio - a Jewish dance which has been performed at various flute celebrations throughout California and New York. Going beyond chamber music, I am now writing for larger forces, including choirs and orchestras and there have been many professional performances of these as well. Possibly the best recent performance of these has been the Mass for choir and orchestra which was recorded in Budapest (at the studios of Hungarian Radio) under the expert leadership of Zoltan Pad.