A Creditory Christmas - Dan Wolff
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An original Christmas song that offers a solution for those of us who have been naughty this year. Santa is taking credit this year! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-creditory-christmas-single/id582405678 http://danwolffmusic.com/
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December 17, 2016
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Dan Wolff © 2012
Story behind the song
It wasn’t until his college years that Dan Wolff began singing and performing publicly. Beginning small, he got his feet wet by playing and singing backup for various vocalists at local coffee shops and restaurants. Gaining confidence he soon began performing covers and originals on his own. At one open mic in Cleveland, OH, Dan was introduced to Jack Kennedy, who after hearing once such performance, suggested that a recording session was needed. In one night, Dan recorded a 5 track album in Jack’s home studio, which he began leveraging for other performance opportunities. Returning to Cornell University, for his senior year, Dan was introduced to Richard Richardson of Big Time Studios. Richard encouraged Dan to record on a full length album, which would ultimately be promoted by the studio. Nearing graduation, and with only a few songs to his name, Dan began feverishly penning a number of original songs which were ultimately released to iTunes in both acoustic and full band arrangements. Considering these projects to be rushed, Dan moved to Washington, DC, in 2009, and began recording new versions of the songs with the help of Josh Insel of Ambiance Recording Studios, in Germantown MD. With the help of several local musicians, Dan proudly released 12 songs on an album titled Old Fashioned Love to iTunes, which received high praise from reviewers. A few tracks were instantly added to Pandora and other online radio stations. Ultimately, a few tracks even earned him a coveted spot on ReverbNation’s front page, which led to an increased fan-base and the desire to pursue a further career in music. By 2011, Dan was playing local shows with a small group of local musicians. Calling themselves “The Dream City Band,” they performed mostly cover songs throughout the DC area. As the popularity of Dan’s original material grew, the band soon found decided to rebrand as The Muddy Crows. Before too long, The Muddy Crows were a well-established DC band, playing large music festivals and popular venues. But, they found themselves in need of an album that highlighted their unique sound. Returning to Ambiance Recording Studios, the band went to work putting their own spin on many of Wolff’s original recordings. The self titled album was released in the summer of 2014 and quickly garnered additional attention from local blogs and venues. Needing an outlet for the release of all new, soulful ballads, Wolff immediately began working on another separate project. Featuring various members of the band and adding a few well known session musicians, this new project is slated for release in early 2017.