Boy Howdy
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achingly sincere
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August 11, 2009
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I was thinking "why can't they just leave Farrah alone?" so I wrote this song and posted a crying video on YouTube
G Farrah Fawcett died C D From cancer of the anus G It's a bummer we all know this C D Just 'cause she was famous Am I understand the problems, C D That come with celebrity Am They're taking pictures of my pecker C D Every time I pee Chorus: G You got your fried green tomatoes C D Dr Pepper and spam G Fixins for a fry up C D Lime jello and candied yams Am Moon pies and hush puppies C D And crawdads in a pot, Am string beans and collard greens C D G Boy howdy, that's a lot! Everybody comin round They wanna shake my hand Stick a needle in my neck Draw some fluid from my gland They think that they can bottle up The awesomeness in me And stock it in the drugstores And sell it on TV Chorus I used to hang with Bono I used to hang with Cher I'd go out dancing with Tom Cruise In our underwear Now I'm undercover A man of mystery I can't afford another Date with destiny Chorus Bridge: Em D From Boston to Botswana Em D They all call me B'wana C D G it's tough to be as famous as I am Em D They wanna take a sauna Em D With me an my buddy obama C D G I wish they'd treat me like a normal man I'm wearing my sunglasses To hide my identity I got on my homemade tin hat To stop the mind control machine Writin letters to Dick Cheney To explain the grand design And tell him he was perfect in Wolfman meets Frankenstein Chorus