one sad song
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Lyrics by Matt tune, guitar and vocals by Bruno Dumont
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August 04, 2009
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matt and bruno
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i was thinking about what a hipster breakup would be like
One Sad Song (lyrics by Matt Love / song by Bruno Dumont) C*: x30200 C/B*: x20200 Em7/Bb: x10340 Intro:(Am F) Am F I want my mixtapes back Am F The DVD collection Am F The complete run of Doctor Who Am F Don't give me no objections Intro again Am F You can have the silverware Am F And the china from Goodwill Am F You can keep "Hail To The Thief" Am F And "Jagged Little Pill" (C* C/B* Em7/Bb) Chorus: There one more thing that I have got to say.... I never liked you anyway [here it follows the chords of the first verse] The futon stinks of scented oil, I can't stand to lay on it The white sofa's gray with soil Cat hair and other sh** [here it follows the chords of the first verse] I'm gonna take the skateboard You can have the bike in the hall With the broken chain and two flat tires I don't need it afer all Chorus in the last part it follows the chords of chorus.