Nancy Sings (guest vocals by Lulina)
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Haunting and Lyrical
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January 01, 2009
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Jandek © 1982I have wanted to do this song with Lulina for
Story behind the song
I have wanted to do this song with Lulina for years, but I could not figure out how to play it. when I found out that Brad Bittinger could play it, I knew I had to put this team together...
Cmaj7 C6 cmaj7 c6 B6 A dozen drops fall from your face cmaj7 c6 B6 shaking the rain in a quiet place Cmaj7 C6 Cmaj7 C B6 Shining clean a fresh new day A6 B6 A6 E E4 E wa-akes up the world with a fragrant bouquet Cmaj7 C6 Cmaj7 c6 B6 Listen to the sound of a con-stant fall cmaj7 c6 cmaj7 c6 Bm skies give water for the life of all A6 B6 A6 E E4 E Iffff you reach into the air E4 E rain will come to kiss your hair