I Licked Her Arm
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A bouncy little number about OCD.
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December 21, 2007
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Story behind the song
A true story from my childhood. Well, it never really happened, but still, it's true.
G C D G It was a strangely hot September day C D So many years ago G You could have fried an egg on the bare sidewalk C D You would have sold your soul for snow Em D Mary Lou's creamsickle was melting fast Em D And I didn't see the harm Em D In licking up that sticky white cream C D As it trickled down her arm Chorus: G C D I licked her arm G C D I licked her arm G C D I licked her arm G C D I licked her arm Out of all the kids I knew in school Mary Lou has done the best When it comes to fame and fortune She's outdone all the rest When i see her picture in the tabloids I get just a little alarmed At the warm glow in my trousers As I gaze upon her arm Chorus