So Gone w John Fiore
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A woman steps out on her man and then wonders why she lost him. Master guitarist, John Fiore lends his crying lead to this tune written by Debbie.
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April 19, 2006
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Debbie Henning © Debbie Henning
Story behind the song
This song features the talents of John Fiore on lead guitar.
Well she took her love out to roam Now she wonders why her man won't come home But when you turn your back on love It finds a new place to live With a lot less take And a lot more give Girl you've been replaced He don't even wanna see your face You wrote the writing on the wall Which time can never erase Well you can cry all night from dusk to dawn But once you throw it away Baby it's gone So busy slippin' out that back door Didn't see her man Take his heart out the front Now what will she do next What trick, what stunt She wants to give him back Somethin' he don't want Now his love don't live with her no more It's someplace safe and she walks the floor He's more at peace than he's been in years And she's lyin' in the bed she made Holdin' back the tears