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A true story about a real town in Oklahoma. D. C and Selby Minner are the hosts of the Dusk to Dawn Blues Festival, held anually on Labor Day weekend. Featuring Texas Bluesman Bruce Elliott on lead guitar
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June 04, 2006
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Debbie Henning © D. Henning
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We never DID get any lunch!!! No groceries, no gas...just BLUES!
Well it's 2 in the afternoon the air is crisp and cool but ain't nobody movin' so hush your mouth you fool cuz there chillin I say they're still chillin cuz the party's from 9-5 during the day no one's alive in Rentiesville Well the clubs's at the edge of town where there ain't no squares around The road is hard to travel and then it turns to gravel but they're playin' D C and Selby Cuz the party's from 9-5 during the day no ones alive in Rentiesville They got A street B street C street too They got D C Minner street No I wouldn't lie to you But they ain't got no groceries They ain't got no gas But they can play the blues still your drunk on your ass But now.. Repeat first verse