Ash Tuesday
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Featuring Chad Lane at 14 on lead and Ray Bryant of the band Ear Candy on keys, percussion and production.The band Ear Candy is based out of OKC and is found on Soundclick. This song was #1 gen blues at Environmental blues!?
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June 03, 2006
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Debbie Henning © public domain
Story behind the song
After witnessing a family on Simpson Road in Guthrie Oklahoma standing over what used to be their home I felt compelled to write this. I wrote the lyrics at 4 A.M. in a sleepy daze after nodding on the couch for 1/2 an hour. The following night we played it at the Woodcrest Fire Department Fundraiser and it rained for the first time in months!! winner of the Women of mp3 weekly song contest and # 1 on the general blues charts, it remains in the top 40 over a year later. This song was inspired by the devastation of the year 2000 wildfires. SEVEN MILLION ACRES BURNED! Debut recording for Chad Lane, teen blues guitar wizard. He rolled over in bed last night and almost broke a string! A UNIQUE tune in that it is blues with an environmental message. So please remember...KEEP YOUR UGLY BUTT IN THE CAR; USE THE ASHTRAY!! "The devil stands pointing to the room down below. If you like to start fires, he's got a HOT deal for you!"
The day started out like any other day Sky still blue And it seemed like it never would rain Then the sky turned dark And the water began to fall Oh how I wish It had been a raincloud that I saw Chorus: But now I ain't got no home In this world no more All that I had, Lord it's gone I ain't got no home in this world no more Just cuz some fool Threw his cigarette out on my lawn Well they've got a place for pyros like you The fire's already burnin' and all your friends are there too The devil stands pointing to the room down below If you like to start fires He's got a hot deal for you