Oakland Soul
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Funky Oakland Soul Vaccination
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August 02, 2009
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Mike B/GoranS © Mike B/GoranS
Story behind the song
Backtrack "How Funky Can You Get?" by FendrGuitPlayr, edited to fit. Thanks Mike! Added a couple of guitars and some vocals: :: Solo 1 (1:21): Partsocaster II with an MI Audio Crunch Box :: Solo 2 (2:12): Partsocaster I with a Fulltone OCD :: Rhythm guitar to the far left and far right: P-caster I :: And a cymbal crash...
I've been to all them pages To find a new groove Been searching on the Google But nothing could be found Been talking to my buddies But nobody's around But one thing I found It's Mike B's funky sound It's a funky groovin' thing I couldn't help but sing It's an Oakland Soul That's really hip!