Soul Thang (2012 remix)
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Souly bluesy thang
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March 04, 2012
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GoranS © GoranS
Story behind the song
Recorded on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in July 2009 with nothing else to do... Came up with the idea when couch-noodling and "found" the rhythm guitar pattern. :: GoranS - Drum Loop Puzzling, Bass, Guitars, Organ and Mixin' 'n Trixin'. My backtrack can be found here: Soul Thang - Backtrack. Tech talk: :: Drum Loops: Beta Monkey :: Bass: Squire Jazz Bass w Fender Noiseless pup's and a Badass Bass II bridge :: Organ: Roland JV-1010 with SR-JV80-08 expansion board, played "manually". :: Rhythm Guitars: Partsocaster I with Lace Sensors Hot Gold pickups in position 2 and 4. :: Solo Guitar: Partsocaster II with Fender Hot Noiseless pickups, neck pickup used. The first half of the song clean, second half with a Fulltone OCD for some hair... :: Amp used for bass and guitars: Line 6 Flextone III lined directly in to my Yamaha DS2416 soundcard. New remixed version uploaded Mars 4, 2012. For further descriptions of my guitars see my official home page. link to the left...