Ugly Man Blues
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You think YOU'VE got an ugly man???!!! Lead guitar - Rick Garner.
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September 18, 2007
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He’s got a face like an alligator A body like a refrigerator And a butt that looks like a big bowl of mashed potato He’s always soakin’ in sweat from his head down to his shoes I wanna get me a pretty boy Coz I got the ugly man blues He's got hairy ears But on his head it’s getting thin And the scale in the bathroom screams when he walks in And if you gave him a toothbrush He wouldn’t know what to do So while Jen’s got Brad Pitt I got the ugly man blues He loves his pork and beans He gobbles every bite And then he blows the blanket off the bed all night In the dictionary, his picture’s right next to uncouth Come and save me, Johnny Depp From the ugly man blues I’m takin’ stock of the situation that I find myself in Got to turn it all around But don’t know where to begin I need an attitude adjustment Coz there ain’t nothing I can do While I go on about this and that About you know who There’s one important fact I’ve got to face up to I’m stuck with an ugly man.....