burning fools (pt 1 of 21st Century Not-so Suite)
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we couldn't escape it....even as far off-road as we could walk
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November 25, 2011
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Martin Holsinger © Amoghasiddhi Music
Story behind the song
I originally wrote this as a poem in the late 90's, after a camping trip out west....always meant to turn it into a song, and, at last, here it is.
THE APOCALYPSE SUITE pt. 1: Paradise Lost (C)Hiking in the (F)high San Juans where (C)once lush meadows (Am)bloomed, we found a (C)rocky, barren (F)desert (C) (C)ghosts of lodgepole (Am)pines (C)springs that supported (Dm)Native towns (C)shrunk to muddy (G)pools fled (C)East across the (F)baking plains to a(C) home so hot and (Am)dry ex(C)cept when tornadoes and (F)thunderstorms ex(C)plode out of the (Am)sky (C)Cities farms and fo(Dm)rests (C)Fall beneath their (G)scythe (F)Texas is burning (Gm)Mexico's burning (Am)Russia is burning (Bb)Canada's burning Why are (C)we such burning (D)fools? All the (C)politicians (F)promise (C)They will guard us (Am)well, Keep us (C)safe from the dangerous (F)people South of the (C)border and across the (Am)sea (C)Build more prisons (Dm)Build more highways (C)Cut the welfare (G)rolls Keep (C)gays and Muslims (F)in their place Ar(C)rest pot smokers (Am)too (C)smash the unions,(F) shush the teachers Let (C)corporations (Am)rule Tell me, (C)what does (Dm)this kind of talk Have to (C)do with(G)reality? (F) Africa's burning (Gm)The Amazon's burning (Am)Australia's burning (Bb)Borneo's burning Why are (C)we such burning (D)fools? D7/Dm7/F