In 77
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A salute to the Grateful Dead and the spirit they have helped bring into the world
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July 03, 2011
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Martin Holsinger © Amoghasiddhi Music
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the free spirit that blossomed in SF in the 60's lives on!
EmCD 2x In (D)77 (C)life was good we were (D)sure it was gonna get (C)better (G)communes and(D) kids (G)acid and (D)herb and the (Em)law was barely a (C)let(D)ter EmCD 2x we (D)loved to dance to the (C)Grateful Dead let that (D)sweet, wild music rear-(C)range our heads and (G)nowadays it may (D)sound absurd but the (G)music brought us wisdom be(D)yond all words EmCD 2x then Garcia went from (C)shrooms to smack now he's (D)gone, gone, gone, ain't (C)comin' back and (G)so many of my friends have grown (D)old and scared their (G)bodies live on but their (D)hearts ain't there they say hey! we ain't (G)innocent no (C)more we mind the (Am) store, we're keepin' (D)score we ain't (Em)innocent(C) no (D)more EmCD 2x no more (D)communes, (C)no more blotter (D)herb will run you way (C)more than it oughta they (G)test you here, pro(D)file you there (G)tryin' to make the (D)whole world square EmCD 2x but (D)something does not(C) love a wall and (D)though they try hard (C)to recall the (G)free wild spirit (D)we released the (G)world is shifting—the (D)way is greased and (Em)nothing they can (C)do or (D)say will turn (Em)back the dawn of the (C)coming (D)day EmCD 2x we know each other way too (G)well not to(C) care care way too (Am)much not to (D)share (Em)77 ain't (C)comin (D)back but (Em)we're still rolling (C)down that (D)track EmCD 2x (D)wealthy in com(C)munity (D)wealthy in (C)our love (G)wealthy in the (D)way we touch the earth (G)below and the sky a(D)bove the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (the wheel's still turnin' and it ain't slowed down) the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (we can't let go and we can't hold on) it's a (Em)higher (C)vibra(D)tion (we can't go backwards and we can't stand still) the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (if the thunder don't get us then the lightning will) the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (c'mon let's try a little bit harder) it's a (Em)higher (C)vibra(D)tion (c'mon let's try just a little bit more) the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (c'mon let's try a little bit harder) the (Em)law can't stop lib(C)era(D)tion (little bit further than we gone before) it's a (Em)higher (C)vibra(D)tion (that wheel's still turnin' (G)round)