Poor Little Rich Girl
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Great lyric from Paul about spoiled little rich girls. My daughter, Lisa, makes an appearance as the rich girl.
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October 29, 2007
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Music - Ally Valentine : Lyrics - Paul Valentine
Notes: E A B Db Db A B A B E Got it all and a little bit more, Rotten apple to the core. D E Never worked, never will, D B A Just gets daddy to pay the bill. Credit cards and cash aplenty, never tips less than a twenty. Shopping trips, limousines, She’s living out a poor man’s dreams. E7 (NOTES: F# Ab) She’s just a poor little rich girl, A living in a poor man’s world. E7 Just a poor little rich girl, D B A (Double Strum D & B) hasn’t got a clue. Records a single, has a hit. Daddy helped her, just a bit, She’ll never lose, what she’s never had, But she don’t know it and ain’t that sad. A long way up, a long way down, Living the dream here in Tinsel town, Show your worth, show your mettle, No, an easy life is where she settled.