Mama's Little Man- Jacob's Song
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Touching story song reminding us, the few and the proud are more than Soldiers!
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November 15, 2010
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(c) Colleen Laylon, 2010, BMI © (c) Colleen Laylon, 2010, BMI
Story behind the song
Tribute song to my Marine son~Jacob Laylon! Vox by Nashville's own amazing vocalist Vickie Raye!
Mama's Little Man (Jacob's Song) (c)words and music Colleen Laylon, 2010, BMI V1 He loves ice cream, pizza and apple pie playing soccer, football, Call of Duty xbox live Like a southern gentleman, say's," Yes Sir and No Mam" looks so grown up in his dress blues and pants Chorus Mama's Little Man she loves him can't help but brag he fights for freedom and she proudly flies our flag protecting life and liberty she prays he makes it back A brave American he's Mama's Little Man V2 He's stole a heart or two with his baby blues life of the party he'll pull a prank on you Like an anchor in the sand he'll hold out till the end and give his final breath standing up for those who can't Repeat chorus V3 She remembers him playing with green plastic men wrestling with his brothers he always had to win Like the last leaf on a tree he'll hang tough with dignity always faithful and true in honor of you and me Repeat Chorus Bridge He's living his dream courageously she's barely facing reality Repeat Chorus Tag A brave American he's Mama's Little Man he's still Mama's Little Man