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September 13, 2010
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Colleen Laylon Frost, Gina Paoini © Colleen Laylon Frost, Gina Paoini
Story behind the song
The hook came first and the rest kind of wrote itself.
Gun Shy (c) Colleen Laylon Frost, BMI Gina Paoini, ASCAP, 2010 V1 I saw those three little words starin' back at me your eyes told on your heart, but I pretended not to see then I leaned in for a kiss, before those words could leave your lips and I knew what you were thinking', "why is she avoiding this........?" Hey... Chorus I'm a little bit Gun Shy, still licking my wounds from the last time hearts been shot up like Old Glory, and it's.... ashamed to fly Oh Yeah...., I'm a little bit Gun Shy, L word sounds like a battle cry I'm not quite ready for suicide Yeah...., I'm a little bit Gun Shy V2 You tell me that you're different you shoot straight from the heart but fairy tales seem more like, a crap shot in the dark I could let you have your way, pull back the hammer and take aim before you pull that trigger, still got one thing left to say......... Hey... Repeat Chorus (Instrumental Bridge) (Bridge) No, I don't wanna hide and I don't want you to run but I damn sure ain't ready to face that gun... Hell.... Repeat Chorus TAG Oh Yeah, I'm a little bit, just a little bit, Gun Shy....