Don't Turn Out The Light
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Vocals By Warner Brothers New Major Artist Lance Miller! Beautiful Love Song!!
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February 21, 2009
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Colleen Laylon- Frost,BMI, Marlee Davis 2000 © Colleen Laylon- Frost, BMI, Marlee Davis, 2000
Story behind the song
I got this wonderful hook and story idea one night when me and my Sister were talking about love and what kind of relationship really feels like Love! I wrote out a rough lyric and came up with the melody pretty quickly. My friend and cowriter Marlee polished up the lyric and the rest as they say is history. It's demoed by New Major Artist Lance Miller by Songwriter's Studio and I hope you will visit him at
Don't Turn Out The Light (c) Colleen Laylon, Lyrics & Music Marlee Davis, Lyrics BMI 2009 All Rights Reserved V1 Quickly slipped her night gown on when she heard him call her name she was eight months along embarassed by her shape she climbed into their bed hoped he wouldn't turn his head he pulled her in his arms and this is what he said Chorus Don't Turn Out The Light I wanna look at you awhile you're just as beautiful tonight as the day I walked you down the aisle come on and look into my eyes let me see my favorite smile love grows sweeter with time Darlin, Don't Turn Out The Light V2 The years flew by so fast the kids were in high school she took her midnight bath and felt so old at forty two brushed some make up on her face slipped on his favorite lace then pulled the covers back as he smiled and closed the drapes he said, Repeat Chorus Bridge Her health was failing at sixty eight he held her hand said it'll be okay and as he kissed her hurt away he said, Revised Chorus Don't Turn Out The Light she's the sunshine of my life save her wings till you give me mine Please Lord, Don't Turn Out The Light