Your Grace Is Amazing-New Version
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This is our Final version. My Awesome Cowriter Gina Paoni did a Superb job on the demo-vocals, all the instruments and recording-she's really amazing. I'm hopeful God is smiling and the Angels are singing and I feel so very blessed to have this g
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January 19, 2009
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Colleen Laylon, BMI, Gina Paoni, ASCAP © Colleen Laylon, BMI, Gina Paoni, ASCAP
Story behind the song
I made a promise to God a couple of years ago to write songs in honor of this wonderful gift he has given me! This is our new version! And it's simply amazing thanks to my awesome cowriter Gina-you rock!
Your Grace Is Amazing (c) Colleen Laylon Frost, BMI, Gina Paoni ASCAP, 2009 V1 I was a lonely ship, lost at sea thrown against the rocks, stranded in the reef You were my Savior, safe way out of the storm light house leading me...and (Climb) You never gave up, you knew I'd find my way when others gave out, you still shined every day Oh Lord let me have that kind of faith.... cause... Chorus Your Grace Is much more then I deserve my faith can be wavering....when I get lost down here on earth like one single grain of sand, washed ashore or blown cross desert land Lord I am one but you know who I am and Your Grace Is Amazing.... Simply Amazing...... oohhh V2 I still remember when I found you the day my weary heart first learned the truth when I took your hand, that's when my life began and I became someone new.....Oh Climb You freed me from my prison of guilt and shame oh, you washed away my sin, and took away my pain now all I want to do is sing your praise.... cause Repeat Chorus (fade out)