You Took Away My Breath-Victoria Boland
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Beautiful tribute song for our children!
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July 25, 2007
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Colleen Laylon © Colleen Laylon, BMI
Story behind the song
I was motivated to write this song, while spending time with my daughter and reflecting back on all those special moments I've experienced as a Mom with her and all of my children. The greatest gift could God ever give a women is the experience of being a Mother, and those precious moments when they leave us breathless. Sometimes in life, we are faced with hopeless situations where we need to take extreme actions in order to protect our children even when it breaks our own heart . I often ponder over the thoughts and the pain Mary must of experienced being helpless and watching her son Jesus die on the cross- with faith, hope, and promise that he would rise again in 3 days. Too I am forever reminded of the tug of war between parents and others that some children have faced in life- such as the Bible documents-in verses-1Kings 3:16-28, in which two mothers were fighting over an infant and lying over who was the real Mother! The biological mother, in fear of her infant being cut in half by King Solomon, said-"O my lord, give her the living child, and in no wise slay it." The Real mother was willing to give up her infant and allow the imposter Mother to claim the child as her own, in order to protect her infant from harm! For me that is a true testament of sacrifice and love as heart wrenching as it must have been. Fortunately wise King Solomon recognized the same- and in the end the biological Mom was given back her child.
You Took Away My Breath (c) Colleen Laylon, BMI 2007 V1 Nine months of waiting, it was fine'ly time to go grabbed the suitcase, pain ran clean down to my toes Eight hours later, blue eyed blondi arrived laid you in my arms, and all I could do was cry Chorus You Took Away My Breath, couldn't speak or breathe, my heart stopped in my chest, the words wouldn't come, they just hung there on my tongue for a moment time was dead, You Took Away My Breath V2 Sung you lullabies, and rocked you to sleep watched you for hours, wished I could crawl in your dreams the day you called me Mama, I never felt so tall when you took your first brave steps, and let go of the way Repeat Chorus Bridge I dream of kindergarden, the prom and graduation college dates, your wedding day they fill my imagination like when you threw your arms wide apart said Mom I love you this big, all my heart V3 Raindrops on a tin roof, the pitter patter of your feet sunshine smiles and mornin' kisses, as you crawled in bed with me Never imagined I could ever be so loved, like how you always knew just when I needed a hug... Final Chorus (Fade Out)