GOD WEEPS, Work Tape
This is a cowrite I was working on with my beautiful friend and fellow song bird Dian Roberts Piper. She fought a brave battle with the Big C and sadly earned her wings today. I hope to have a polished version to share she'd be proud of soon!
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May 29, 2014
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Colleen Laylon, Dian Roberts Piper © Colleen Laylon, Dian Roberts Piper, BMI, 2014
Story behind the song
Me and my wonderful cowriter decided to try an AABA story song with some cold hard truth in the message. This is my beautiful cowriter Dian's original work tape with her lovely singing. She was fighting a battle with the Big C, and sadly she has gone home to be with Jesus today. But I've made a promise to her to get a polished version of our song we can share with the world one day soon.
God Weeps © Colleen Laylon, Dian Roberts Piper, BMI, 2014 A shot rings out, in a place they call "brown town" nother' random shootin', or a drug deal goin' down We're safe in our beds, on this side of the tracks his Mama gets the news, her son ain't comin' back But Hey..... it don't affect you or me.... go on with your dreams....on with your dreams..... The whole world sleeps....but God Weeps... South of the border, a drug wars goin' on bodies line the streets, and the tourists are all gone Ev'ry other day, another child dies the poppy fields are thrivin', go ahead close your eyes Cause Hey.... it don't affect you or me.... keep chasin' your dreams....chasin' your dreams The whole world sleeps.... but God Weeps... They manipulate the news, try to hide the truth Afraid we might wake up, afraid what we might do Oh I cry sometimes too, yeah I cry too We give em' the guns, to kill their fellow man then they turn on us, with our blood on their hands Our boys come back home, heroes in body bags we line the streets cryin', wavin' minature flags Don't Say... it don't affect you or me, they gave us their Dreams.... American Dreams The whole world sleeps.... but God Weeps Ohhhhh the whole world sleeps.... but God Weeps... Yeah the whole world.. sleeps....and God still Weeps