Beautiful Scars (Master)
Don't EVER be Ashamed of Your SCARS~they are part of what makes you Beautiful!
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March 15, 2014
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Colleen Laylon, Bobby Nichols © Colleen Laylon, Bobby Nichols
Story behind the song
Saw this title on a FB page and thought it would make a great hook and idea. So I started a rough lyric and brought my wonderful cowriter in to turn my ramblings into a beautiful song!
Beautiful Scars © Colleen Laylon, Bobby Nichols, BMI, 2014 V1 There's a crooked line, sits right above my left eye Where me and my stupid pride, learned a lesson late one night Had my share of banged up knees, broken bones, and stitches in my skin Broken dreams, an memories, some I keep hid way down in Chorus Beautiful Scars... remind us who we are, and where we've been Lookin' in the mirror, can't be ashamed of them.... Heaven's got the Stars... and we've got Beautiful Scars Beautiful Scars V2 Proud of her stretch marks, and bikini line scar Almost lost our little man, the day he won my heart God gave us the greatest love, our snuggle bug and daisy bouquets Baseball games, my fishin' bud, now life will never be the same Repeat Chorus Bridge We're like the walkin' wounded with these nat'ral tatoos But these life lines tell a story of all that we've been through Repeat Chorus