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Special Thanks to Artist~Vickie Raye and Producer~David Norris. 1 in 4 Girls will be Sexually Abused by age 18. 90,000 cases are reported each year. 'If Her Tears Were Stars' is their Voice, their Story. But It's Not Their Problem. It's OURS!!!!
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June 06, 2013
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Colleen Laylon © Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2013
Story behind the song
I pray the young woman who inspired this song and all victims still trapped in the web of shame, lies, pain, and abuse hear my song and find FREEDOM and the COURAGE to TELL!
If Her Tears Were Stars © Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2013 V1 She talks to pooh bear late at night hugs him tight, as she cries Leaves on her bedroom light crawls under the bed an prays... He'll leave her alone this time foot steps take her breath away.... Chorus If Her Tears Were STARS.... she'd hitch a ride to heaven or even Mars If Her Tears Were STARS.... they'd light a path to her back yard Expose the dirty secrets and the hidden scars If... Her... TEARS.... Were STARS.... If Her Tears Were Stars V2 Eight candles on her birthday cake closes her eyes, an blows out the flames Wishes she could fly away find courage to run and tell She'd rather die than drag his chain stay trapped inside a broken shell Repeat Chorus Bridge If you're listenin' Girl.... you gotta TRY... tell on the monster and all a his Lies..... Repeat Chorus TAG If Her Tears Were Stars