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Upbeat fun summer tune about Sweet Love!
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March 09, 2013
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Colleen Laylon, Marlin James © Colleen Laylon, Marlin James, BMI, 2013
Story behind the song
This started out as a pretty "Sweet" song idea. I sent my rough draft of the lyric/melody over to my awesome cowriter Marlin James and he gave it some beautiful wings. That's him singing and doing all the wonderful picking. He did the entire demo in his home studio. Then we had a little help from some of Nashville's finest-my long time friend and Nashville producer Terry Wendt polished up the mix, Grammy Winner Randy Kohrs added the dobro and Lyle Ronglien-is on banjo. They all brought something extra special to our song. You might recognize Randy~ "Kohrs has long been celebrated for his inventive, mood-setting work as a dobroist (that was him providing the dramatic framework on Dierks Bentley’s No. 1 hit, “What Was I Thinking.”) This was a totally blessed experience and we're just getting started!!!
Sweet (c) Colleen Laylon, BMI, Marlin James, BMI, 2013 V1 Six days of workin' my tail to the bone got the radio cranked I'm, headed home I love Georgia but she's bittersweet One day in heaven then I gotta leave...that Chorus Sweet corn, Sweet tea finger lickin' fried chicken dipped in bee Honey take a Sweet Ride, with my, Sweetie pie beer on ice, clay on the tires Sweet talk, under a, Sweet Gum tree Cherry flavored Kisses, cause she's Sweet On Me.... SWEET JE...SUS..... my baby's Sweet ............... V2 Pull in the drive an she's waitin' on the porch in her yellow tank top, cut off shorts Runs through the gravel in her bare feet jumps in my arms then we're off to the creek for some Repeat Chorus Bridge She's sugar and spice, She's a little sassy but that's kinda nice Lord i hope this week flies by cause I'm gonna get some Repeat Chorus V3 Sun's comin' up and I'm comin' down love this candy high hate leavin' town Gotta sweet tooth cravin' but she's fast asleep I'm gonna call in sick I cant wait another week for that Repeat Chorus Tag She's sweeter than a Georgia peach