mIsS YoUr lOvE
In honor of all the Marine wives and girlfriends missing their soldiers during deployment!
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May 18, 2012
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Colleen Laylon © Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2012
Story behind the song
I wrote a song, "Mama's Little Man" about my son LCpl Jacob Laylon and all my memories of him and worries about his deployment in Afghanistan. His fellow Marine's- wives and girlfriends from the 1/9 loved it, and asked me to write a song about them missing their hubbies and boyfriends during their deployment.
Miss Your Love (c) Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2012 V1 You're waking up the sun, I'm wishin' on the moon blowing kisses in the wind, pray they find their way to you If I could hitch a ride, on a fallin' star I'd be in your arms and where you are..... Cause I..... Chorus Miss Your smile, miss your touch miss your laugh, Miss Your Love I miss the way... you look at me the way you hold me, in your sleep Baby I miss you so much I Miss Your Love........... I Miss Your Love....... I Miss Your Love.... V2 I'm tryin' to be strong, some day's I go insane it's like holdin' back the rain, in a southern hurricane one brave tear becomes Niagra Falls I'm curled up in a ball, willin' you to call..... Cause I...... Repeat Chorus Bridge Still see ya standin' there with that don't forget me face Swear I'll wait forever, if that's how long it takes Cause I..... Repeat Chorus (fade out)