Football In Heaven
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Country story song. Hope it tugs on your heart strings :)
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May 09, 2012
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Colleen Laylon © Colleen Laylon
Story behind the song
Inspired by real life events, of my son's fellow football player Sammy Casilio. He really was a stand out player and amazing young man. Jason Adams on vox and guitar!
Football In Heaven (c) Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2012 V1 Papaw gave Sammy a football, on his fifth birthday Mama dressed him in UT orange, for his first big game He ran and passed like a natural, loved to watch him play my heart melted like a popsicle, when I heard him say Chorus Daddy is there Football In Heaven... wonder if.... their quarterback has wings...? Do you think God, has a fav'rite team.... If he does, hope he roots for me...? If there's Football In Heaven V2 Sammy was a standout quarterback, all through Sr. High college scouts came sniffin' round, like blood hounds gone hog wild he'd wave at the fans, scream "don't worry", sudden death overtime then throw a forty yard hail mary, point to the sky and smile he prayed... Chorus (2) Daddy if there's Football In Heaven... would ya lend... my hail mary some wings....? Told the guys, we were your fav'rite team... God help me find the end zone please... If there's Football In Heaven Bridge Sam was ridin' shotgun, when they left the party.... mustang was goin' ninety, when they hit that big oak tree.. Chorus (3) Daddy if there's Football In Heaven blow a kiss... to our quarterback with wings... my heart tells me, he's on your fav'rite team... Please tell Sammy we believe.... there's Football In Heaven... TAG Yeah there's Football In Heaven