Ain't That Love
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A story song on the tough subject of adoption, which really needs to be heard!
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March 25, 2011
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Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2011 © Colleen Laylon, words music, BMI, 2011
Story behind the song
This is a subject close to my heart as I had a family member that was adopted out before I was born and have gone through life wondering about him.
Ain't That Love (c) Colleen Laylon, words, music, BMI, 2011 Demo-Jason Adams! Last time I saw you, was our hospital room cryin' as you gave me away, a baby dressed in blue My folks called me their miracle, their ev'ry dream come true Ain't That Love? umm hummmm They gave me everything, a little boy could want my own Shetland pony, on our farm in Vermont Sunday meals with lots of cousin's, and my fav'rite Aunt Ain't That Love? umm hummmm Climb I know you wonder if you did the right thing?.......... Chorus If I'm okay, what I look like, and where I might be at What you would say, how you would wish, you could have me back Was I loved, am I alive, do I have Angel wings? That thought hurt you more than anything.............. I can't imagine all the things you thought of?..... Ain't That Love? I bet you remembered, all my Birthday's the way I thought of you, on every Mother's day I know it must of broke your heart, to give me away Ain't That Love? ummm hummmm Bridge I'm sorry this reunion's not what I had planned talking to your head stone, with these flowers in my hand..... Revised Chorus I'm okay, I look like you, right here is where I'm at I need to say, how I wish, I could bring you back I was loved, I'm alive, but you earned your wings? and that hurts me more than anything............. You can't imagine how much you were thought of Ain't That Love? TAG I'm so thankful for you, the sacrifice you made I can't wait to see you again, in heaven one day Momma (spoken) Ain't That Love?.............ummm hummmmm