Do You Love Me - Robby Love & Big John
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IPerformed by Robby Love. A silky rock ballad featuring Big John 'Barry White'. Written by Big John, Produced by John X and great guitar work by the String Master.'
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August 13, 2008
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Robby Love- Big John © Robby Love
Story behind the song
I met big John in a sporting goods store. He was this older cool cat with a big gold chains and rings on his fingers. When i heard him say "thank you Baby" to the clerk with a really deep Barry White sounding voice, I knew I had found someone special. I said hey you should be a singer, he said he was and took me outside to his truck listen to a song he wrote. I loved it instantly and ask him if i can record it.
I was mesmorized, hypnotised by your eyes, you make me come alive. I didnt have anyone, until you came along You make me so happy cause i know your mine. In you I found how sweet love can be. I want to stay with you till eternity.