Thats all she wrote
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August 21, 2009
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Joe Swordfish
Story behind the song
We learned this one off a shortwave radio broadcast of a Cowboy Gondoliers concett in Moscow. It was a historic occasion - The Lincolnshire Poacher opened for them. As far as we know, this is the only time they ever performed this song, we were very lucky to get this recording.
verse 1: I got a text message from my fiance She typed the worst things that I read all day She told me that we gotta put the wedding off Cause she's got a little sniffle and she's got a little cough chorus: That's all That's all she wrote That's all That's all she wrote That's all That's all she wrote My baby backed out cause she's got a sore throat verse 2 I've heard some lame excuses every now and then But this is the worst one since I don't know when I guess I'll text the church and tell em lock the door We're not getting married cause her throat is sore chorus middle 8 (instrumental) verse 3 My babe's a little cutie she's just 5'2" Anyone could see that, even Mr. Magoo But I'm a little tired of wearing this face Tellin everyone she's kicking me all over the place chorus