Jenny's Rhumba
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Zach Curley plays a wonderful solo
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January 04, 2013
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Matt Love and Zach Curley
Story behind the song
I was working on a piece of music when I got a chat message from the lovely Dena Madero AKA Jenny. As we chatted, I found myself deeply attracted to this bright and forthright girl. I promised I would name the song after her. Zach Curley played a perfect guitar part, one that captures the depth and intensity of my feelings perfectly.
Dena Madero has signed back in. (30/12/2012 5:49 PM) Dena Madero: Make me cum now ... Matt: Hey Dena, you really know how to get right to the point! Dena Madero: hey whats up sweetie? Matt: working on a piece of music. It's going well Matt: how about you? Dena Madero: whats up, I dont remember when I found your 24yrs old, Matt: I think we met on tagged, isn't that right? Dena Madero: oh tagged...i think I remember u Matt: yeah. a lot of nice folks there Dena Madero: im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talking to ppl online especially via webcam, do you webcam? Matt: I never would have made the mistake of thinking you are desparate. I can tell you are a person with dignity and propriety. Dena Madero: ahhh okare you signed up to any dating sites? im tryin to think where i found ya.. Matt: I think you found me on tagged... Dena Madero: oh tagged...i think I remember u Matt: Ok, now why don't you tell me about how you aren't desparate, you just enjoy talking to people online Dena Madero: i wanted to join adult friend finder but they charge too much! so now i use webcamcrush instead, have you heard of them? Matt: Is it anything like Skype? I chat on Skype sometimes... Dena Madero: my personal page link is ...and if you click Accept Invite on the bottom left it'll let you watch me on full screen Matt: will they ask me for a credit card number to verify my age? Dena Madero: ok and after you join you just click the login now button and make a username for our chatjust complete the join page so we can webcam there, im gonna sign off of yahoo in a sec Matt: Ok, looking forward to chatting with you over there Dena Madero: well, I have a fetish for being on cameraits a dirty fetish i know but im a dirty girl lol.. Matt: Oh, that's a pretty mild fetish as far as things go these days. Matt: After two girls and a cup, anything goes, it seems. I don't need to see that. Dena Madero: yea its free with my membership, im a VIP on here haha! i just love to show my pussy online, andd i can squirt hehe, have you ever seen a girl squirt? Dena Madero: credit card is just to verify your age, it's free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member...but if we go ultra private you may have to show me that your a generous man hehe Matt: Now seeing a nice girl like you take your clothes off, that's not bad Dena Madero: yup, then once your logged in my video will appear again right in front of you, and you can join me for some private time Matt: I saw my ex-wife squirt once. She dropped a glass pitcher in the sink, but she grabbed for it and when it broke, she stabbed her arm on it. Wow, did she squirt. Dena Madero: yea just follow through it and then make a username for our chat babe, and we'll be connected livethen i'll do a buncha naughty things for you lol Matt: Took her to the emergency room. Had I known how things were going to turn out, I would have just left her to bleed to death. Oh, well, that's water under the bridge. Dena Madero: k Dena Madero: are u in babe?? Matt: I find it so easy to talk to you, Dena, I'm going to name the piece of music I'm working on after you. What do you think of that?!? Dena Madero: jennifer is my real name but all my friends call me jenny Matt: OK, I like to think of you as a freind, so I'll call the song "Jenny's Rhumba." Dena Madero is typing... Dena Madero: k Matt: If your name is Jenny, what's up with "Dena Madero" - are you in the witness protection program or something? Matt: Hiding from organized crime, maybe? Matt: Are you on Facebook? I think your song may be posted there, I can send you the link when it's finished. Matt: Jenny, are you there? Matt: Hello?