Handsome Tom
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just a deliberately enigmatic cut mourning the loss of a damn good cat named TJ.
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January 16, 2010
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jerg ripp/carroll/leal © 2010
Story behind the song
just wanted to create a tribute to vanished fourleggity friend without being too literal/specific about the subject.....
A Harvest moon silhouettes The image of a riderless horse Unleashed from some fever dream That has finally run its course In the dark I think of Handsome Tom I feel the weight of his black eyed stare And I ask his ghost where he'd gone When he vanished into the still August air Handsome Tom was born to run the night THrough the hollers where few creatures dare Did some stray demon have him in its sight The night he vanished into the still August air A waning moon sinks and disapears Behind the far Eastern hills And I catch a glimpse through my veil of tears Of a riderless horse standing perfectly still