The Margins
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Just the first mock up of a song we're putting together.............I think our reach may be exceeding our collective grasp....Will update it as it regresses
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September 07, 2009
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Story behind the song
It's about poor white trash finding an oasis in their otherwise miserable lives........
I say to her "the odds are 100 to 1 Friday nights will never be as fun The way Friday nights were when we were young" "Lately I've been running out of hope Sick and tired of chasing my own ghost Swear I'd hang myself If I had enough rope" She say" I disagree the odds are better than even There's still something out there we can believe in Broken prayers lay unspoken On your tongue Take me down to the scene of the crime Buy me a bottle of fortified wine And I will be your Drunken valentine Let's walk 20 blocks It's really not that far To a place they call The Margins It's my favorite whiskey bar The pours are long And the jukebox songs Sound all right Take me down to the margins Dance me round all night Another month came and went Another G.A. check already spent Landlords waiting for the rent Time to run up a brand new tab Later on I'll make a sh** faced stab And hail us down a taxi cab Hey driver Take us twenty blocks, It's really not that far To that place called the Margins It's our favorite whiskey bar The pours are long and the jukebox songs All sound just right Park your cab and hit the "off duty" light Papa said "son you gotta pay to play" Money is made to be spent" So I lived life hour by hour day to day still don't know where the time went Lately I been willing to place an outside bet Maybe, just maybe our ship hasn't come in yet No need to be forgiven and I'll live with my regrets